August 13, 2005


I’m on medication to recover from the trauma of having to watch “Mangle Pandey” and the drugs are making me speak unspeakable truths. Therefore, I am avoiding human company and most forms of communication, but the pressure that is building up inside is going to blow out my brains, so I have to say this:

I LOVE the song “Kajrare Kajrare” from Bunty Aur Babli.

I went through an I-love-“Patli-Kamar-Chikna-Badan”-from-Jungle-Am-I-Homosexual phase a couple of years ago, but this one is slightly less disturbing. Ash’s blatant skin show and the Bachchan duo’s pelvic thrusts cannot cheapen or taint the beauty of Gulzar’s lyrics:

“Surme se likhe tere vaade/ Aankhon ki zubaani aate hain/ Mere roomalon pe lab tere/Baandh ke nishaani jaate hain…”

The song is playing all over and is being written about in every publication (Dear TOI, it is “kajrare”, not “kajra re”.) Normally the stuff belted out by the paanwalah’s radio is the Gadar-Dhadkan-Raja Hindustani variety, which makes one’s soul cringe and fold into a Japanese fan. But this time, they’ve managed to make an anthem out of a song I’m not ashamed to hum. Finally, street music meets poetry.

“Aankhen bhi kamala karti hain/Personal se sawaal karti hain” is Gulzar having so much fun and being so cool! “Teri baaton mein kimaam ki khushboo hai” applies to Gulzar himself!

All the civilized people who probably look down upon the song are welcome to laugh at me/break up with me/throw stuff at me.

I love “Kajrare”.

P.S. Anyone who liked Mangle Pandey need not visit this blog ever again. That applies to you too, Aamir.


Patrix said...

I thought it was just me who loved Kajrare :) glad to see another crazy soul.

Leela said...

'Mangle' Pandey! Ho ho ho

I like Kajrare too (thanks for pointing out that it isn't Kajra re), except that being forced to hear it five times a day takes the joy out of it. On the other hand, I've learned the lyrics without realising it.

Belated birthday wishes!

Rash said...

I like kajrare. dying to do item number to it at next disco type party.

JW said...

Lol..managed to 'mangle' Aamir twice in two days there. Must get hold of this song @ 'kajrare'.Nice review.

kaaju katli said...

Me too! Me too! Love Kajrare :-)

Kon ?? said...

well me too like kajrare :), just knew it after reading the blog tht its 'kajrare' not 'kajra re'....was watching the movie few days ago..n then saw the song's lyrics in english subtitles... 'night eyes" :)

Anonymous said...

Reminds the popularity of "choli ke peechhe.." :) good choreography though the number looked out of place, to me, in the movie!!!

Did you watch RDB? Hope you change your perspective on Aamir :)