November 30, 2004

Trash Lit.

There is a big trash can across the road from my office. I suspect most domestic garbage finds its way there daily. I have a phenomenal view of the trash can’s insides from my seventh floor office terrace, where, like a self-respecting employee, I spend a lot of time.

Close to the trash can lives a family of dogs. Mamma and her four precious (and precocious) darlings. They live on the edge of a busy road, and I count the pups every evening when I head home to reassure myself that they have survived their foolhardy trips across the road. The scrawny things chase me till I turn and glare at them, at which point they run equally fast in the opposite direction, their floppy ears dancing to the tune of their frightened yelps. I am determined not to get emotionally involved with them, but I stand and watch this scene nonetheless.

Every afternoon, a snowy white mule appears from nowhere and makes his way to the trash can. The mule has a bushy tail, which some aspiring hairdresser has trimmed to resemble a series of tiny hair pyramids, one above the other. So PunkTail comes by for lunch, stays for high tea, and lingers on for dinner at his favourite junk food joint.

My lunch break is not complete till I see PunkTail beginning to dine. Every evening, I walk past that Ceaseless Feeder and marvel at some people’s ability to stay so slim after eating so much! I envy PunkTail his hairstyle and metabolism!

I had smiled and said nothing when a friend of mine had told me that when one lives alone, one creates an artificial family for oneself. Now my comfort depends on seeing a mule, a bitch, and four pups everyday!


Anonymous said...

tis ok bombay my one number family was the building cat. still have photographs of her various moods. she passed away recently...:(
rash (cldn't open the log in thing)

Kraz Arkin said...

This calls for animation, maybe we should talk to Pixar?

Leela said...

You certainly have interesting 'family'. Somehow this reminded me of 'The Musicians of Bremen'.

Mustbenuts said...

Not to worry, the fambly will happen and it isn't artificial.

Anonymous said...

That was lovely. Never hurts to have an extended family. Ever notice the eternal hope of those pups? they chase you every day even after you glare at them each day.