November 23, 2004


When I remember what I have done
I block my thoughts
And shut my eyes tight
And cover my eyelids with my palms
And my palms with my knees
And the whole with a blanket

But the blanket is covered
With a sticky sense of guilt
Which oozes through the layers
Reminding me it is useless
To try and shut out
Something that is within


Rash said...

hey crackpot...that was very nice :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Crackpot,Nice pome. Has this been with you some time or is it like spur of the moment spontaneous?



Ink Spill said...

Zanks. The pome is a spur of the moment affair (I am surprised you doubted that). The guilt, on the on the other hand, I've been nursing for years.

Anonymous said...

nice indeed :)


k Man said...

Gay. Unoriginal. Mine's better.

Roses aren't always red
Violets usually aren't blue
Blankets can't write poems
Unfortunately neither can you.

Ink Spill said...

Hey K-man. Welcome aboard!

Kraz Arkin said...

Hey I know what that feels like.

sanjana said...

glad to have found you again. thanks for letting me.

Anonymous said...

Yeh downtime kab schedule hua bhai?
Server up hoga tab pls bataiye.

tadaal fart puts said...

:) - felt the same once ...