December 30, 2011

Alvida 2011

2011, you’ve been very mean to a whole lot of people, but you’ve been a darling to me, and I’m sending you off with a smile! You took me to Paris and Rome, London and Prague, and dozens of other new and wonderful places, you swept me into an amazing new life in the cutest little house by the river, you put a bicycle under my bum and wore out my shoes with all the walking you let me do!

More than anything, you sat me down and taught me all the things I am not, and forced me to confront the facts and deal with them. You gave me hours and hours to come to terms with myself, and though I used many of them to watch TV series and movies and read books, I think we made some major progress!

Oy yaar 2011! You made the husband start eating eggs, and have got me living off the poor guy’s salary while he feels a wee bit sad about the discomfort I feel in doing so! Tu pehle kyun nahin aaya 2011? Anyway, now please do proper knowledge transfer to 2012 about how to treat me. Thanks. Have fun wherever past years go to rest, and don't believe anything 2004 says about me.


Sanjana said...


Happy New Year! I'm glad somebody had a good 2011. For me it was more "good riddance" than "goodbye".

Hope you have a good year!

Anonymous said...

Hugs to you Dear!

Anonymous said...

Oh so sweet! That's one of the cutest adieus to any year I have read about....

Muthukumar speaks said...

There will be a hurried search to all your 2004 blogs, no doubt!

May all the best be rested with both of you, and may the usual best out-pouring continue in your blog
Happy New year to Inspillz and fans of Inkspillz

Ms Whimsies said...

whoa! guess this is the first blog ever writing good things about 2011!!!! loved that piece on coming to terms with self.. and living off on the husband's.. and the 2004 one..

lovely post!!

SeedhiBaat said...

This is a such a lovely post Inky.... hope 2012 is treating you well.