December 24, 2009


Completed 3 years of fights, hugs, midnight Maggi, amazing vacations, side-by-side computers, unlimited idlis, abysmal PJs, shared jeans, kurtas, jackets, dreams, and hatred of political correctness! Yay us!

Saw 3 Idiots today. Particularly liked the time travel device that transports people from Vasant Vihar in Delhi to IIM Bangalore in half a second. I know a coupla eternal teenagers who would pay good money to use it every other day!

Don't wanna reveal anything more: just go ready to laugh a lot and cry in equal measure.


Anonymous said...

Many, Many Happy returns of the Day!
God Bless You Both.

karrvakarela said...

Happy Anniversary!

Also, 3 Idiots is a fun film. Did you guys see Rocket Singh?

shub said...

congrats :)
Word verification says 'woozooe'. See it's rejoicing too.

The Wanderer said...

Belated Happy Anniversary :)

karan said...

lovely blog sir ji...:)