February 25, 2009

Yeh Andar Ke Kaale Bandar Ki Baat Hai!

I think I stumbled upon some proof of the universe being designed by a genius today. Was looking at the online resevation chart for this evening's show of Dilli 6, and since the movie is not a hit, most of the theatre was empty. The only seats full were the most coveted ones, and their graphic representation is uncannily similar to innerwear. 

Most multiplexes have a mix of big and small halls, so...

This is conclusive proof that innerwear will pop up in the strangest of places without warning, which is what Poet-Prophet and my personal hero Gulzar probably meant when he wrote: 

Masterji ki aa gayi chitthi 
Chitthi mein se nikli billi 
Kaan mein jhumkaa, naak mein batti 
Haath mein jaise agarbatti 
Agar ho batti kachhua chaap 
Aag pe baitha paani taap 
Taap chadhe to kambal taan 
VIP underwear baniyaan... 

Baaki Dilli 6 had both me and my dude sniffling and wiping our eyes more than once. If only the plot had not been a 10-headed Ravana...


Rash said...

I loved the Jaagran scene.

Mobi said...

Stumbled across ur blog by accident and loving every post...

Do keep writing..

N maybe u can visit www.mytakeontheworld.blog.co.in sometime.. Not as interesting though :) ;)

Mohamed Hafeez said...

Ignoring the promos, the movie was ok but I should thank the director for not messing around with at least 1 song (Dil Dafatan).

Interesting comparision with the Inner wear! :-)

Anonymous said...

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