October 17, 2008


Dear Husband-Man,

Since you and I are both too militant for me to observe today's fast, let's just be careful to avoid accidents etc. Knowing your propensity for dreaming up stories and writing code in your head while you walk, I dedicate this song to you:

Babuji dheerey chalna

Karwa chauth pe gir na padnaa

Haan badey bhookey hain

Badey bhookey hain is raat mein


P.S.: With all due respect to the fasting ladies. Wish you and your loved ones a long and happy life.


Rash said...

Thankfully Bongs do not have it kadva hehe. But I do miss the Yash Chopra type pre-KC scenes in Delhi markets.

orangecloud said...


lala said...

nice. nice. so what did your husband say about it?