August 15, 2008

Rassipi: Batman Paneer*

  1. Take a kadhai and heat a tablespoon of oil in it.
  2. Add some chopped garlic or garlic paste
  3. Step back and shout four letter obscenities as the oil sputters angrily out of the kadhai.
  4. When the sputtering stops, add 75% of a 200ml tetrapak of tomato puree into the kadhai.
  5. Step further back and shout mother tongue obscenities as splotches of orange appear all over the walls and shelves when angry oil reacts with benign tomato water.
  6. Steps 3 and 5 can be avoided using a cover for the kadhai, but then what's the fun I say.
  7. Add salt and pepper to the puree, and cook it for some 7-8 minutes in all.
  8. Add finely chopped pieces of paneer (up to 250 grams should be good). Stir.
  9. Add 50 ml of milk. Stir.
  10. Add some fresh chopped coriander or some kasoori methi, let it all heat up nicely once, then switch off gas and cover and leave until you wanna eat it with hot hot ragi-and-atta chappatis.

*This quick-fix recipe has this unusual name because it was thought up while we were coming home after watching The Dark Knight, which finished at 9:40pm. (Fifty minutes later, we had finished dinner)


Anonymous said...


You make the tribe of working housewives proud!

Rash said...

You should do a rassipi book inky. I will purrsnally buy several copies for still-rassipi-challenged-me and similar friends.

orangecloud said...

Why only 4 lettered obscenities? That rules out Punjabi and then it's just not fun anymore. We like them to last several words. Sentences even.

poemsnpuja said...

that's the funniest rassipii i have ever read. i wish you wathc more movies in the late night show...a rassipee for great posts :D