January 31, 2008

Fiction*: A New-ish Mother Wonders

This is all so bizarre and all so strange
And so way out of my fancy-free range!
He pines for me when I’m not around
And I cannot bear that heart-wrenching sound
But when I’m around, he doesn’t seem to care
What I’m doing, as long as I am there!
Coochie-cooing leaves him in giggles
He imitates my smallest twitches and wiggles
Even if I look like rag, he sees a halo and wings
And he pouts his way out of unpleasant things
Talks gobbledygook most of the time
Thinks missing meals or sleep is a crime
And all this is bizarre and strange because
The baby’s not mine, it’s Mom-In-Law’s!

*Behold the flying pigs!


wendigo said...

loving the last line with asterisk.also, predictably, retching at the lauu pome :P

Anonymous said...

ha ha... same story in every household. Welcome to Marriage! :-)

Akhila S said...

Good one! :-)
Hey, I bumped into your Blog, thru 'Shakespeare and Co', which was listed at 'The Hindu - Sunday Magazine', some time ago.

Arty said...

Ladies i sympathise ....

Anushree said...

stumbled upon ur blog today...and m already a big fan! way to go!!

sidhartha said...

I have become your fan!!!