July 10, 2007

Maggi! Maggi! Maggi!

NehaVish (I always think of her like that, for some reason) posted about Maggi when I am sick and Maggi is the only raw material in the house. So Maggi is now officially occupying 100% of my brain space.

Earliest Childhood Memories of Maggi: When the strictly rationed half packet a fortnight, and that too cooked with healthy beans, without Masala tastemaker, and served with ketchup managed to brave the odds and still be the favorite food. Of course, many healthy lunchboxfulls were secretly swapped for congealed Maggi blobs in school. (Note to Mommy: Whatchya gonna do NOW?)

Worst Memories of Maggi: When one childhood upchuck was blamed on Maggi and the Era Of The Blanket Ban began, and lasted for about ten years (The shrink uses this as the explanation for my….condition) The ban was removed when my Sis and I discovered the facts of life, the primary one being that we were two and mom was one, and we were loud and mom could give up under certain decibel conditions.

Best Memories Of Maggi: At the Chhota Canteen in MICA, eaten every Thursday during lunch because the mess made, well, a mess on Thursdays. Made with onions and tomatoes, and cooked just right in a pan that was, in all respects, absolutely wrong. And oh! The discovery of Sakthi Stores in East Ham (again courtesy NehaVish) with 25pence Maggi packets! Maggi ki hai jo khushboo, tu kaise bhulayega…..

My Worst Maggi Experiment: Maggi with sprouted moong dal. Never, EVER, try this at home. Either guilt trip yourself into a healthy meal or have Maggi chupchaap. Ne’er the twain shall meet! Damn! Just thinking of it killed my appetite!

My Safe And Best Maggi Recipe: Sliced onions, tomatoes, capsicum, chilli sauce and chili flakes from Pizza Hut. No frying just boiling in the water. Guaranteed to bhulao most gham. Not for the fainthearted, obviously.

Favorite flavour: Masala
Favorite Consistency: Non-watery
Favorite Eating Equipment: Bowl and fork. (Marriage is all about adjustment, so now plate and fork)

Now this is looking like a meme, and I dunno if anyone reads this blog anymore, but if you do, please take up this meme if you want and leave the URL in the comments box!


Deepak said...

Dude there is no dearth of bowls in the house. Nor have you been stopped from fetching your portion (or for that matter mine) into one. Ok go fetch a glass bowl if you do not like plastic but for Godzilla's sake don't blame it on the marriage, adjustments and such!

neha vish said...

I made the exact same "adjustment". Switched from bowl to plate. Technically, there's nothing stopping me from eating from a bowl - but god knows why - I've shifted to a plate too!

Ink Spill said...

Look people! Look what I am dealing with! Notice the "fetch" "fetch"! SPCA!

I like the plate now. Marriage is also about cow-headed acceptance of fate! (Ducks for cover)

First Rain said...

Oh I've done the Pizza Hut Chilli flakes in Maggi too! Does make it taste umm-haa! :D

dipali said...

ROFLMAO! Delightful maggi memoirs, Inkyji....

Twilight fairy said...

my fav was also masala :)... but nowadays they have come up with all kind of rot..

wendigo said...

haha i preferred chicken flavour in maggi (like most things). but grown up maggi was at Dhyani's canteen in maharani bagh hostel (a wall less cave thing on a lower ground floor - will have to draw a section to explain).. kinda not wet, with hari mirchi, no pyaaz, and with anda bhujia on top.

you say you're a fan, but did YOU ever solve the 2 minute maggi puzzle book? aha!

shub said...

siiigh! I wanna eat maggi now!:D I looove my maggi, about once a month now! This is a tag I'd willingly take up! :D
( yes, SPCA has been notified :P )

bhumika said...

hey, next time add a drop of soy sauce and just a bit of vinegar for that ultimate chinese noodle flavour :)tastes yummy

Arthur Quiller Couch said...

Two words there go well together - Maggi and upchuck.

Sathej said...

I still drop by your blog, quite a few interesting posts now and then! Keep them coming!

Vinod Khare said...

The blogosphere is on quite a noodly spree. And I have copy pasted the same comment at three blogs now. Any more such blogs to read? :P

My mother was totally against Maggi :((. She had this fad against it, saying it was totally unhealthy. We never had maggi in our home. My childhood encounters with it were only at friends' houses and at school. So much was my soul starved for maggi that I literally gorged on it when I came to college. The result being, I'm rather bored of it now. Really unfortunate.

Vishwas said...

Maggi is best when u dont add anything outside of the packet. Just the contents .. as it.

I dont know if u have ever tasted this flavour ..sweet and sour. Thats the best i like.

about recipe, being a single guys keeps me away from knives and onions. However, a soup packet is always helpfull!
did you ever try lemon with maggi chicken ? it brings out awesome taste!

knor has this sweet and sour soup. Put half of that soup in 1.5 glasses of water once its mixed, put maggi noodles in it. then add masala .. chicken preferred. enjoy it!

i have more .. tell me if u are interested !

ctrlalteredmind said...

oh God! you made me long for the Maggi stand inside the IIT Bombay campus! slurp slurp!

Rajesh Kumar said...

I am not sure if Maggi is the bloggers theme at this moment. I have done a post on Maggi Club recently!