June 26, 2007

just popped in to share a dal recipe...

1 medium sized onion halved sliced into pungent moons
2 medium sized tomatoes cut into stripped
Some shredded ginger and garlic
One baby bottle gourd chopped into about half inch cubes
Water: very little
Soaked arhar/tuur dal: ½ cup

Dump all of the above in the pressure cooker and go whoosh, and then simmer for 10 minutes and switch off the gas. The contents should be gooey, not flow-ey

In a katori, put

A tablespoon of desi ghee
Mustard seeds/Zeera
Red chilli powder
Curry leaves (if you use mustard)

Sputter sputter and add to the cooker.

Add a bit of garam masala if you want, a bit of chaat masaala or lemon juice, and fresh chopped coriander if u did not already do the greening with curry leaves.

Quick and healthy!


Naresh said...

slurp slurp...

I want sm dal wid roti n chawal now :D

Arthur Quiller Couch said...

On the days the bai can't make it, my favourite recipe is -
1 - pick up phone
2 - dial reliable local joint
3 - wait with money

orangecloud said...

What's "One baby bottle gourd chopped into about half inch cubes" doing in a "gooey, not flow-ey" "arhar/tuur dal" daal?