April 14, 2007

A Typical Conversation In The Spill Household

Mr Spill: I am so hungry, I am Ravanous! I could eat with ten heads!

InkSpill: Hehe! Do you think Ravan ate with all ten heads?

Mr Spill: Yeah!

InkSpill: How? He put in food into one at a time? That would be tedious…

Mr Spill: No, he put all the food in a big plate and ran all ten heads across it and lapped up his food. (with actions)

InkSpill: He was rich. He could have had people feeding his heads… Achchha, do you think he ate roti with one and sabji with another? Or everything with each head? Or did his wife only make slop*?

Mr Spill: Can we please talk about something else?

*Slop: Frequent dinner at the Spill household: consists of veggies, daal and rice all cooked together and eaten with dahi, plum chutney, and good humored tolerance…