October 06, 2006


..Or, “Did that whole previous phase ever really happen?”

The boy took me out for a fancy lunch last weekend. Dessert was ice cream with some Goan specialty called “bibinca”. He assured me it was a million times better than apple pie (which is a big compliment, and even I’ve not been called better than apple pie yet). So coming back to bibinca, it’s apparently made of bread (see comments for details, and google before shooting your mouth off on your blog), and it was basically thin strips of bread-y stuff hesistantly sticking together. One strike of my hungry spoon sent them flying in different directions, their bonds with each other turning out to be not much more than the fact that they were together in being called bibinca, and would not be called so otherwise.

And that’s how it feels with my life right now…there’s so little that holds together London and Bangalore, SE1 and BTM, Regent’s Park and Lal Bagh, Foucault and Sachin Tendulkar…except they’re part of the bibinca called Inky…oye! ……Bibinka!!!!


Hyde said...

You seem to be around wherever I am. Except for one place.


Arthur Quiller Couch said...

Try cashew feni instead.
Actually it's worse.
And no part of it goes 'ink'.

Saltwater Blues said...

its not made from bread, dude! ... coconut milk and eggs is what its made of!

karrvakarela said...

I know what you're saying. Sometimes it feels like you've lived so many different lives.

But that's a good feeling, especially when you count up all the friends you made along the way. I think that's a common thread that holds everything together, the friendships.

Anyways, here's wishing you and Mr. Inkspill the very best with your new life together.

Leela A said...

I see Swb has already clarified - Bebinca is made of refined flour, sugar and eggs (I read a recipe which said yolks of 40 eggs!)

Dropping by after a long while. Enjoyed catching up, and yeah, congratulations :)

Rash said...

so the boy got you bebinca? Boy has taste I see. Now please to ask where in Bangalore will I get it?

Avis said...

Bebinca is good. I like Bebinca!