September 25, 2007


Saw Dard-e-Disco recently. No girls seemed to be throwing themselves at Shah Rukh’s temporarily tashan torso, but lots of water seemed to be emerging from unexpected quarters and flinging itself all over the guy in either some kind of crazy hydro love, or in a desperate attempt to give him a much-needed bath. Either way, am never going down dard-e-disco lane again.

This one is a much better performer. Presenting: Tying a turban in five steps and not quite succeeding.

1. Contemplate the task at hand.

2. Check to see if task is tasty.

3. Use minimum of three limbs for precision and control.

4. Check to see if audience is cheering.

5. Give up with a “someone throw me a bone here” look.

Pics by Saawariya, offkores

September 20, 2007

But seriously...

... WHO calls their kid V.D. Philander?

I don't have a TV, but did he look like a South African AIDS awareness programme?

September 18, 2007


... a movie both my husband and I can look forward to!

yoda akbar

Presenting: YODA-AKBAR

September 15, 2007


Mann re tu kaahe na dheer dharey?
Woh nirmohi moh na jaane
Jinka moh kare

Utna hi upkaar samajh koi
Subah ko chai pilaa de
Janam maran ka mel hai sapna
Yeh sapna bisraa de
Laptop se tu kyun jaley?

Mann re tu kaahe na dheer dharey?

September 11, 2007

Situation Vacant

This is from the application form of an aspiring scriptwriter. The candidate holds a Masters Degree in English and was the University Topper of her batch:

As a person, I am very much dedicated to my work, to say, over-dedicate. I always willing to work completely. I am a time-conscious person.

If you are in Bangalore, looking for a writing job, have a couple of years’ experience, and are willing to take a grueling test, write to me. The email ID’s in the profile. And if you are over-dedicate, shove it!

September 10, 2007



अभी मुझे बहुत आलस आ रहा है इसलिये कोई पोस्ट नहीं।
बस एक गाना बनाया कल या परसों, वह सुन लो:

bum बने
दुम बने

इक दूजे के लिए

September 03, 2007


Walking past the beyooti parler the other day, I could not bear to go up and get my caterpillar-eyebrows fixed, because with the illness, they’ve been neglected for two months now, and BOY IT WILL HURT! I told the husband I could not bring myself to do it, so he says.. “chill maadi! teri bhauwon mein kho jaane ko dil chahta hai!”

And talking to phrand about creepy guys visiting her blog since she put up her pic, I told her “pic daalegi to parwaane to ayenge”… “pervaane you mean” quoth she…

It is the nice to bees with the peepuls with the sense of humour, peshally when most of the day is spent with pecimens who have the sans of humour……