July 20, 2011

Wednesday Night Stream of Semi-Consciousness

Uh oh where am I? Whose house is this? Well it is the landlord’s of course but now it is quite ours in the small and bare way that houses seem to become ours. And out the window is more water than a girl from the DDA flats has ever seen before. Remember when the tank was on the third floor and mom had to climb up a bamboo ladder to see that monkeys had not made off with the lid?

Sofas are nice. Never really had one ever before this. The coffee table continues to be ugly but it’s one of the few things made of real wood, unlike the Ikea activity that’s just collapsing like a punctured balloon if struck hard! The oven is big and is tempting me to start baking, but if I make a cake or a batch of cookies, then we’ll just have to eat it all ourselves won’t we? That girl in the student residence in London gave us such nice brownies… but I can’t imagine sharing a kitchen with anyone ever again! Except with the husband, who’s gone from not eating eggs to serving them sunny side up with a flourish that would impress Gordon Ramsay, even though that dude is usually just being an ass on TV on the rare days when we watch the TV because when you’re on the sofa in front of the TV, it’s much nicer to turn your head just a little bit and see all the water outside the window…the water I wish I had for long baths when I was a kid. It’s nice, this house. The first time that a house is OURS, even though funny mail comes into the letterbox, and someone else’s name shows up when you punch the number in the keypad at the entrance.

Yes. I think I will bake something nice in this nice house.


Anonymous said...

I think you should.

Do you get TV in English?


Sanjana said...


Very random. But speaks volumes abt your feelings for the place.

I'm in the process of moving houses at the moment. Praying that it all works out right!

Ink Spill said...

Bunny: Yes. we get English TV for a brief window in the evening between afternoon Dutch teleshopping and late night porn.

Sanjana: All the best for the move!

dipali said...

Awwwww. Such a comfortable kind of post! Missing your recipes.

Anonymous said...

Hope u have carried ur recipe book along. Welcome to the family club of bakers & cyclists!