March 25, 2010

Free Lunch

Ok, I don't know if this is a shameful thing or not, but I realized the meaning of the phrase "There's no such thing as a free lunch" only yesterday. I used to think it means that "you have to pay for whatever you get, it might look free, but the price will be extracted from you by other means." Frankly, that's the context I have seen it being used in all around me forever.

But no. It means: "If you're having a free lunch, you can be sure that someone, somewhere is paying for it!"

Which makes so much more sense, doesn't it?

And now, raise your hands if you have been similarly mistaken! C'mon! Give me company!

Update: ok, ok ok! It means much more than the narrow "You get nothing free." It means that someone (and that someone could be you) is paying for your lunch somewhere, somehow, sometime. But that's still a different (if only much larger) definition than most of us are used to. Thanks Papunda, for the wikipedia link!

March 19, 2010


How excited can you be about twenty twenty?
Is the question and the answer is: plenty

And that's why we hopped, skipped and jumped to the Chinnaswamy stadium yesterday, for the husband's first (and my second) live match ever! What seats! What weather! What light! What crowds!

And then Rajasthan was challenged royally!
C'mon! Even I could have made 93!

The fireworks were good. The hat-trick was go-ood. The lab rats who yell each time the weird siren blows were terrifyingly Pavlovian!

We screamed, we yelled, we made Mexican Waves
Coz that's how a Roman in Rome behaves!

Of course I knew precious little (ok nothing) about the technicalities of the game, and my expert comments made the husband hold his head in dismay whenever he was not jumping up and down aping the umpire's gestures.

The voice you heard yelling "I AM NOT WITH HER"
Belongs to the son-in-law of my mother

Luckily for us hungry and be-car types, the lopsided match ended before three-wheeler-drivers turned extortionist and pizza delivery shut down for the night.

Hoarse-voiced we woke Dominos from their slumber
They thought Big B was calling from our number

March 17, 2010


I had a very busy fortnight: travelling east, then north, attending Bengali engagements and weddings, restoring a temporarily re-bachelorised home to normalcy, and whatnot. So please forgive the absence!

A couple of days ago, we were in an electronics shop, and an IT dude with a backpack walked in and asked the salesperson a very crisp and very pertinent question: "How big a flat LCD TV can you give me for under a lakh?" He was probably just shy of 30, was obviously coming in straight from work, and you could SEE a thought bubble over his head: "What the EFF am I earning all this money for if I can't even watch the IPL on a big fat TV when I come home after a hard day's work? My parents will marry me off soon enough, and forget TVs, I won't even get to see the remote ever again after that!"