June 13, 2010


Can’t recall where the last couple of months have gone. Anyway, here I am and this morning I sent a little paper boat sailing into a storm. Praying fervently that it reaches the other shore safely!

Travelled to Ladakh, this time for the snow and the apricot blossoms, neither of which disappointed. Came back with a killer cold that had to be nuked with a swine-flu-blaster medicine, but that will not stop me from going back to Ladakh the first chance I get!

Speaking of blossoms, I've been reading 2 Davids who are poles apart: Mitchell and Lodge, one a confirmed dopehead and the other a literary critic whose work I was force-fed at college and whose funny, wise and un-put-downable novels I discovered entirely by chance (I can never resist the temptation of buying a 150-rupee trilogy at Blossom). Loving them both equally, and while Mitchell has vanished from the shelves at Blossom, Lodge is hidden behind other books on a shelf that only I seem to know of! (We pay extra rent to stay within walking distance of Blossom)

Speaking of Blossom, it was awesome (sorry) to see Mayim Bialik make a reappearance on TV as the possible love interest of Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory. Being married to a Sheldon Cooper-esque specimen character dude myself, I'm eager to see if these guys can write a future for the two!

Blogger is tempting me to explore the template design feature. Off I go! Whee!


The Wanderer said...

Welcome back ! And what a lovely picture :)

Abhi said...

Hey, I was in Ladakh too last week! Very whimsical weather.. but the place is just awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh, STUNNING picture, Inky.

Waits expectantly...


Parmanu said...

Astonishing photograph!

I've only read Lodge's Art of Fiction, and always hesitated to pick up one of his novels. Perhaps I should try it - which one would you recommend?

Ink Spill said...

Thangoo Thangoo!

Parmanu, the last one I read was "Thinks..." which was good!