August 08, 2009

Must Do Things Before I Turn 30

  1. Hang the laundry out to dry
  2. Fold yesterday's laundry
  3. Brush my teeth
  4. Heat water in anticipation of tomorrow's powercut
  5. Comb what's left of my hair
  6. You get the point

It's the big one, and I'm NOT going to mope (or mop) tomorrow. That's all I can promise.


Piggy Little said...

ha ha! ha ha!!
i loved it!! i simply loved how trite otherwise it to cry getting at 30 seriously.
i think it has its own joys!!
happy birthday.

Mobi said...

Wow. Happy Birthday. I still don't like the idea of myself turning 30 though.

Rathi said...

ha ha ha! good one.