June 09, 2009


Remember the scene from The Father Of The Bride where the girlie comes home in tears and threatens to call off the wedding when the guy gets her a blender as a gift, because he thought someday she might want to blend something? Well, I came quite close to threatening to call off my already-happened wedding when the guy just refused to get me a blender, even though I so clearly needed to blend something every now and then! But he's a darling cutie pie and I have been working damned hard in my can't-put-on-the-resume animal husbandry role, and we're now the proud owners of a mixer-grinder.

Of course I have gone bonkers with the new gadget, and given the husband's inexplicable need to watch every single T-20 World Cup match down to its end despite not having a TV, we're having two dinners daily. One at about 9 and another at 11:30. (Mothers, please turn your attention to your other kids at this time. Thanks for having those cute little girlies.)

Here's what we've managed to make so far:

Pesarattu: For the first time in my life I measured the ingredients. It's not my style.

Mango Milkshake: Sad that the mangoes are all but gone from 'looru

Aamras: See above

Mattar Paneer with actual gravy instead of floating onion cubes and tomato skins

So just writing in to say hooray, and if you're looking at buying a mixie in the near future: Jo biwi se karey pyaar, woh Mophy Richards Icon DLX se kaise karey inkaar??

Singing off with a lovely ad I found online. Can't be abusive on a "family" blog (Hi Papa!) so I'll just say the guy is wearing the last set of clothes that the mixie hasn't washed for him….


wendigo said...

very nice :)

but mommy waala reference samajh nahin aaya...

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha.. Congrats on ur mixie.. The gravy thing sounds yummy.. mattar paneer..


Anonymous said...

hi..interesting post and what a coincidence..i have been trying to coax my husband in buying a mixer/grinder from last 6 months and no results yet..how did u manage to do it :)..btw i can totally relate to floating onion cubes & tomato skins thing..

Ink Spill said...

Hey Anonymous girlie! Here's what I did to con the man:
We were house-sitting for my in-laws last month and everyday I made the husband something new and yummy and attributed all the magic to the mixie. This is really effective especially when mangoes are in season. Bas! Maa da Laadla bigad gaya! Then we needed a mixie for him to get his fix :P

Rash said...

ah the joys of old Umrikan ads

Anonymous said...

hello..great idea.thank you :)..i m going try this as soon as i get a chance ;)
its a nice blog and really funny. i loved the "Maike se aike" post.


Anonymous said...

Er, Anonymous. Why don't you buy a mixie yourself?

Ink Spill said...

New Anonymous: If you need to ask that question, then you won't get the answer even if you're told it :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Blanch the tomatoes in hot boiling water and skin them before making gravy - guaranteed to make tomatoskinless gravy. :-))

- heretic

Ink Spill said...

Toro! You're alive! Email!

Swati said...

I rather think I should have been somewhere in your vicinity to sample the scrumptious 'mixie' food you made for a whole month!

By the way, I totally agree with the clothes. Washed and mended by the 'Chef'.

Anonymous said...

That contour change in the lady's back is making that image creepy for me! It appears as if she's leaning backwards on to the man's back, head turned right, but her hands are turned inwards and resting on the man's shoulder. Similar to how the couple are seated on the KenWood logo!

And the guy's smugness! And the nail color!

I just stare at the image waiting for their canines to grow anytime now!