January 01, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire Jai Ho Lyrics & English Translation


(Music that makes you scratch your head and think of Baazi Lagaa from Guru, 00:28 seconds to be precise)

Jai Ho! ^n

Aaja aaja jind shamiyaane ke taley

Aaja zari waale neele aasmaane ke taley

Jai Ho! ^ n

Ratti ratti sachchi maine jaan gawayi hai

Nach Nach koylon pe raat bitaayi hai

Ankhiyon ki neend maine phoonkon se udaa di

Gin gin taarey maine ungli jalayi hai

Eh Aaja aaja jind shamiyaane ke taley

Aaja zari waale neele aasmaane ke taley

Baila! Baila!
(Dance! Dance!)

Ahora conmigo, tu baila para hoy
(Now with me, you dance for today)

Por nuestro dia de movidas,
(For our day of moves,)

los problemas los que sean
(whatever problems may be)


Baila! Baila!
(Dance! Dance!)

Jai Ho! ^n

Chakh le, haan chakh le, yeh raat shehed hai

Chakh le, haan rakh le,

Dil hai, dil aakhri hadd hai

Kaala kaala kaajal tera

Koi kaala jaadu hai na?

Aaja aaja jind shamiyaane ke taley

Aaja zari waale neele aasmaane ke taley

Jai Ho! ^ n

Kab se haan kab se jo lab pe ruki hai

Keh de, keh de, haan keh de

Ab aankh jhuki hai

Aisi aisi roshan aankhein

Roshan dono heerey (?) hain kya?

Aaja aaja jind shamiyaane ke taley

Aaja zari waale neele aasmaane ke taley

Jai Ho! ^ n

So this is my good deed of the day. The Rahman/Gulzar/Sukhwinder combination delivers again. Was frankly disappointed with Yuvvraaj lyrics; Tu hi to meri dost hai sounds like Gulzar sahib on an exceptionally bad day. Have bugged all the music shops in Bangalore asking them when the SM soundtrack is coming. Apparently it's being imported via a Mr Godot.

Update: Thanks JpnDude for the Spanish section! Below is a loose English translation that murders the original Hindi. Apologies to Gulzar Sahib. Hope to post a link here when I find a good translation online.

Jai Ho =Something between “Hail” and “Hallelujah”

Come, come my Life, under the canopy

Come under the blue brocade sky!

Iota by iota, I have lost my life, in faith

I’ve passed this night dancing on coals

I blew away the sleep that was in my eyes

I counted the stars till my finger burned

Come, come my Life, under the canopy

Come under the blue brocade sky!

Taste it, taste it, this night is honey

Taste it, and keep it,

It’s a heart; the heart is the final limit

You dark black kohl

It’s some black magic, isn’t it?

Come, come my Life, under the canopy

Come under the blue brocade sky!

For how long, how very long

It’s been on your lips

Say it, now say it

The eye is downcast

Such lit up eyes

Are they two lit-up dimaonds(?) ?

Come, come my Life, under the canopy

Come under the blue brocade sky!


Arvind said...

Thank you for these lyrics. I got to your blog searching for these lyrics.

I grew up in Bangalore but now am in NYC. So am jealous that you are in my home town.

Really like your blog.

Best wishes


Arvind said...

Thank you for posting these lyrics. I got to your blog searching for these lyrics.

Nice blog.

I grew up in Bangalore but now live in NYC. So am a bit envious that you are in my home town.

Best wishes and thanks


Kartik said...

Can you translate this stuff into English :)

Tulika said...

Thank you ink spill for the lyrics of the song 'jai ho'. Just like Arvind I reached your blog searching for the lyrics of this song. With lyrics & music that makes you actually feel the song this one's a real winner.


Anonymous said...

the language barrier stuff is spanish it something like goes:

baila baila... ahora comingo /// garra/// los problemas, lo que sea... salud! baila baila

JpnDude said...

Thanks for posting these Ink Spill. For the Spanish section of the song, I heard them as:

Baila! Baila!
(Dance! Dance!)

Ahora conmigo, tu baila para hoy
(Now with me, you dance for today)

Por nuestro dia de movidas,
(For our day of moves,)

las problemas lo que sean
(whatever problems may be)


Baila! Baila!
(Dance! Dance!)

Swapnil said...

Thanx a million
(Millón de gracias)
I think AR Rehman will make me learn Spanish. This song is so addictive & I was desperately searching for the Lyrics. Once again, Thank u, whoever u are.

Stefano said...

..thanks a lot for the lyrics and the translation!!!..I'll pass again to your blog!

Arvind said...

A little observation, that I thought I would shares. It is only on my last watching of the movie did I understand why the lyrics begin with "Aaja Aaja Jind Shamiya ke tale." Its to do with the main characters (Jamals) first words, as a child to Latika. The setting is that it is raining and he calls her into the shack/tent.

There are many little nice things in the movie. Towards the end, a random woman again invites the grown up Latika in (this time to watch TV.) again with "Aaja, Aaja". Again, this is a repeat of the motif. And finally, the end credits have this song.

Should you see this movie, there are many little touches which are very nice. This was one of them.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Rosa, the spanish part is
"los" problemas, los que sean....
Thank you, I love the song and the movie...:) Muchas Gracias!!

. said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog and I really love it! Thanks!

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Hey thanks for the lyrics of this song...
how did u manage to find the lyrics in english...
let me know about it
special thanks for that.

Ink Spill said...

JpnDude and Rosa helped with the Spanish and its English translation, and I (happily) listened to the Hindi track over and over again and transcribed it, and translated it well as I could.

If you have any other Hindi songs you'd like translated, just let me know! :)

Shobhit said...

Great job!

btw, I think its 'Kaala kaala kaajal tera'

Ink Spill said...

Bhayanak Typo! Apologies. Tx Shobhit!

GK said...

Thanks a lot buddy for spanish part of the lyrics. Thanks to arvind also for his observation about the song.

GK said...

I also reached to your blog for searching for lyrics and I request you to post lyrics of other songs like 'O saya' and 'gangsta blues' if you find them.

Jai ho

Shobhit said...

"Roshan do do _____ hain kya"

My initial impulse said 'diye' (lamps)...on listening closely,, it almost seems like 'Ghiye' (??) ..but after reading your version, I think he says 'hirey'...good job!

Sal! said...

Saw the movie on Sunday..was captured by the score particularly the "Jai Ho" song..uplifting in times of uncertainty..Googled it today post watching the Golden Globe Awards..voila..the lyrics unfold before my eyes from your blog..awesome attempt@translation..cool!

Rising Indian said...

nice post... A wonderful blog.
I took this lyrics for one of my blogspost. Please excuse me for not getting permission for copying.
In return I have given link to your post.
You can hear and download this song there at Rising Indian
Thank you for a number of read worthy posts at inkspillz

Anonymous said...

I think the part of the Spanish section goes...
"por nuestro dia te olivdas."
"Te olvidas" means "you forget" which seems to make more sense in the context of the lyrics.

Thanks for posting the lyrics!

kate said...

Just like the others...I googled Jai ho lyrics and here I am!Thank you very much for posting them.

Anonymous said...

hey dude..thanx for the lyrics...nice work.
Need the lyrics for gangsta blues pls.

Anonymous said...

Thank you buddy.

enjoy] :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this. I can't get this song out of my head. At least now I know what it means.


Anonymous said...

hey...like many others I found your blog looking for the lyrics...I think you did a great job!

and thanks to you, I can understand the song better...I think unless you pay as close attention as you did and write it down, you wont understand the song...which is what happened with me. but thanks to you, I understand it well. (:

Anonymous said...

---apparently a very good deed so to spk! Thnx for the lyrics..RM

Relatively Speaking said...

Hi, Thanks for the lyrics! I can't figure out those single words sung by the female voice after she finishes "..aasman ke tale" between "Jai ho"s. Can anyone help ?

Anonymous said...

Are the non-Hindi lyrics really in Spanish? My guess would have been Portuguese based on their settlements in and around Goa. I know neither language... just a thought.

saunil said...

need the lyrics fro gangsta blues yaar... its a wicked song ;)

Feckfeck said...

thanking you :) and greetings from melbourne, australia.

Anonymous said...

wow thank you for posting the whole song...
I knew I had heard Spanish I just could make out all of it...
thank you...

mildred montag said...

thank you! i've been wondering the meaning of the lyrics especially the chorous, the melody was so touching but i'm glad the lyrics were same as well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this. Like many others, I found your blog looking for the translation.

Anonymous said...

this is absolutely awesome, thanks! do you think you could please translate o...saya and ringa ringa?

Sanjay M said...

lyrics of this song is nominated as well for awards! Thanks for the lyrics nice to read the translation here :)

Anonymous said...

One correction:
The line in first paragraph is:
Geele Geele tarein maine ungalee jalyee hai
i.e On wet wires (electric) i have burnt my fingers.
Listen carefully and you will catch it.

Anonymous said...

Hey man,

Thanks for the lyrics...The Gangsta Blues' lyrics is a tough nut to crack...50% is done by you...Thanks.


Ink Spill said...

hey anonymous-before-vipin

I don't think that's right, or even close. It doesn't make grammatical sense to begin with. And it's just not Gulzar.

We'll just have to go with the other version here, pal. :)

v said...

thank you very much for these lyrics. and thanx for giving the meaning too.

johnleemk said...

Thanks so much for translating the lyrics, from this Malaysian fan of SDM! Would be nice if we could get the female lyrics as well, though. This is still the best translation I've found yet, however -- most of the others don't sound very natural in English.

Anonymous said...

My search for the lyrics of Jai ho ended here. Thanx a lot. But what about the female voice lyrics after the repitition of the first 2lines? - 1D

Anonymous said...

that you so much-im singing along as i type haha
ur blog is great

Pammu said...

Hi. Thanks a million for posting lyrics of Jai Ho!!! Could you kindly crack the female spanish lyrics after the ratti ratti para.. the ones before "baila baila..Ahora conmigo, tu baila para hoy" please. I gotta perform this song on stage. Looking forward to your reply.

Ink Spill said...

@Pammu: I scratched my head over it a lot! Can't figure even what langauage it is...I'm singing.... ______, gham-e-dil, haal-e-dil, mehboobi....

Sorry! :(

Abhishek said...

thanks for the lyrics, the translation is also very direct.

abhi said...

i think it is shab-e-nam,gham-e-dil,haal-e-dil,mehboobi.......
although this word has no meaning..
bt i think i m close to the real word.......what say?

Anonymous said...

thanks for the translation
I saw this movie about a month ago and became obssessed with this song.
I was wondering though why I there Spanish in this song? would anybody know?

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for posting the english of Jai Ho! Another song in Hindi(?)is Chaiya Chaiya, from the inside man. can you tranlate that too? so thank you so much!

arindamart said...

i want to thank you for the english translation. my best friend is a keralite. she loves the movie and the song. but hardly she could understand a word from the song. i have to send her the translation of the fantastic lyrics.
thank you again.

Anonymous said...

I just reformated the text and included one modification suggested by Rosa:

Jai Ho! Something like “Hail” or “Hallelujah”
Aaja aaja jind shaamiyaane ke talay Come, come my Life, under the canopy
Aaja zari waale neelay aasmaan ke talay Come under the blue brocade sky!
Jai Ho!

Ratti ratti sachchi maine jaan gawaayi hai Iota by iota, truly, I have lost my life
Nach Nach koylon pe raat bitaayi hai I’ve passed the night dancing on cinders
Ankhiyon ki neend maine phoonkon se udaa di I blew away the sleep that was in my eyes
Gin gin taarey maine ungli jalaayi hai I counted the stars till my finger burned

Eh Aaja aaja jind shaamiyaane ke taley Come, come my Life, under the canopy
Aaja zari waale neele aasmaan ke taley Come under the blue brocade sky!

Baila! Baila! Dance! Dance!
Ahora conmigo, tu baila para hoy Now with me, you dance for today
Por nuestro dia te olivdas For our day, you forget
los problemas los que sean the problems whatever they may be
Salud! Cheers!
Baila! Baila! Dance! Dance!
Jai Ho! Hail!

Chakh le, haan chakh le, yeh raat shehed hai Taste it, yes taste it, this night is honey
Chakh le, haan rakh le Taste it, yes keep it
Dil hai, dil aakhri hadd hai It’s a heart; the heart is the final limit
Kaala kaala kaajal tera Your dark black kohl
Koi kaala jaadu hai na? It’s some black magic, isn’t it?

Eh Aaja aaja jind shaamiyaane ke taley Come, come my Life, under the canopy
Aaja zari waale neele aasmaan ke taley Come under the blue brocade sky!
Jai Ho! Hail!

Kab se, haan kab se, jo lab pe ruki hai For how long, how very long it's been on your lips
Keh de, keh de, haan keh de Say it, say it, yes say it
Ab aankh jhuki hai The eyes are downcast
Aisi aisi roshan aankhein these such lit up eyes
Roshan dono heerey (?) hain kya? Are they two lit-up dimaonds?

Eh Aaja aaja jind shaamiyaane ke taley Come, come my Life, under the canopy
Aaja zari waale neele aasmaan ke taley Come under the blue brocade sky!
Jai Ho! Hail!

Anonymous said...

Jai Ho! Something like “Hail” or “Hallelujah”
Aaja aaja jind shaamiyaane ke talay Come, come my Life, under the canopy
Aaja zari waale neelay aasmaan ke talay Come under the blue brocade sky!
Jai Ho!

Ratti ratti sachchi maine jaan gawaayi hai Iota by iota, truly, I have lost my life
Nach Nach koylon pe raat bitaayi hai I’ve passed the night dancing on cinders
Ankhiyon ki neend maine phoonkon se udaa di I blew away the sleep that was in my eyes
Gin gin taarey maine ungli jalaayi hai I counted the stars till my finger burned

Eh Aaja aaja jind shaamiyaane ke taley Come, come my Life, under the canopy
Aaja zari waale neele aasmaan ke taley Come under the blue brocade sky!

Baila! Baila! Dance! Dance!
Ahora conmigo, tu baila para hoy Now with me, you dance for today
Por nuestro dia te olivdas For our day, you forget
los problemas los que sean the problems whatever they may be
Salud! Cheers!
Baila! Baila! Dance! Dance!
Jai Ho! Hail!

Chakh le, haan chakh le, yeh raat shehed hai Taste it, yes taste it, this night is honey
Chakh le, haan rakh le Taste it, yes keep it
Dil hai, dil aakhri hadd hai It’s a heart; the heart is the final limit
Kaala kaala kaajal tera Your dark black kohl
Koi kaala jaadu hai na? It’s some black magic, isn’t it?

Eh Aaja aaja jind shaamiyaane ke taley Come, come my Life, under the canopy
Aaja zari waale neele aasmaan ke taley Come under the blue brocade sky!
Jai Ho! Hail!

Kab se, haan kab se, jo lab pe ruki hai For how long, how very long it's been on your lips
Keh de, keh de, haan keh de Say it, say it, yes say it
Ab aankh jhuki hai The eyes are downcast
Aisi aisi roshan aankhein these such lit up eyes
Roshan dono heerey (?) hain kya? Are they two lit-up dimaonds?

Eh Aaja aaja jind shaamiyaane ke taley Come, come my Life, under the canopy
Aaja zari waale neele aasmaan ke taley Come under the blue brocade sky!
Jai Ho! Hail!

Anonymous said...

ARVIND--Thank you for the observation about the use of Aaja aaja in the movie and in the music. I've only seen the movie once, so will look for these uses when I see it again. I think tying the song lyrics to action in the movie is one reason why it should win the Oscar for best song. So many movie songs are simply songs tacked on to the movie because they seem to go with the movie--this one is obviously tied to the movie and the symbolism of the lyrics is perfect. Again, thank you for your keen observation.

Anonymous said...

0:08 reminds me of Itna na mujh se tu pyaar badha.

Archy said...

than you very much for the lyrics!the song was sung so fast that I missed half the words.now I can sing it along with the radio.that apart,I hate not to know the words!

abhilash said...

thanks a lot for the lyrics...
awesome work, keep it up...
i love this song...

പ്രിയ said...

thanks for the lyrics
and thanks for its translation :)

Anonymous said...

thanx alot luv ur site!!!!!!!!! but can u put the lyrics of the gal in watever language it wz plzzzzz i wan em:-) wajeeha

Vienna said...

U rock! thanx for these lyrics ! Thanx alot u solved my problems!

moi said...

thanks for the lyrics!

4thejobless pvt. ltd. said...

Just now I got over watching the OSCAR show on star movies. 8 out of 10 bagged, Can you believe it? Slumdog Millioniare bags 8 awards, sincerely quite a SHOCK!!

I saw the movie around 2 weeks back. Did it really have it in itself, to get such a recognition? And the main reason why I am writing this blog is to ask a question to all of us Indians - Do you think if this movie was directed and produced by an Indian, we would be getting these awards?? Never - is the answer. Am I right?

So just because a foreigner came and mocked our country for the fun and entertainment of the West, they gave the movie 8 academy awards? Why? Didn't we see better movied in our own courtyard:
Taare Zameen Par
Rang De Basanti

I can go on and on.. I am not saying these are the best movies in the recent years, what I want to say is that they are better than Slumdog Millionaire..

We Indians are not worthless that people don't realise out capabilities. We dont need the support of some English person or an American or European to get a recognition. We know how to do our work and how to do it best. Thats all that matters. Today they may not recognise us for what we do, but if we are determined, there will be a day that India will stand TALL among all these West Nations!

Jai Hind.

Hope this blog brings out the talents in us and make us to do something which we never tried before and we were always afraid to do it. Be independent. Make your own firm. Start today. If you are fired like I am, from an American MNC, go ahead make your decision and start something independent.. Who knows you maybe the NEXT BIG THING!!
Good Luck..

Read my blogs at 4thejobless.com

JedMeister said...

tnx a lot for the lyrics! love this song! :)

DDW said...

just found your blog looking for an english translation, thank you all very much!
i posted a version on my website and i only took a bit of license – hey, i'm a poet!
i also posted a link to your blog. hope that's OK with you?
you can get there via a short but sweet review of SDM on the "my diy film life" site of my website. go to "S" and scroll to slumdog, link is within text there. (sorry, this comment form won't take the direct link for some reason.)
("thank you again" she taps in on the laptop in her VW with the SDM soundtrack on the stereo, on borrowed wi-fi half a world away, thinking "will wonders never cease?")

Anonymous said...

Ankhiyon ki neend maine phoonkon se udaa di...

My fist thought was " i smoked away the sleep from my eyes"

but yours works as well!

Great translation!

Surya said...

Thank you for inspiring me with this english translation work, and here is my attempt for tamil translation of the Jai Ho song.

Eagerly expecting comments and suggestions.

Thank you again.


Peeyush said...

Great Song and Great Lyrics. Particularly the line "Gin gin taarey maine ungli jalaayi hai" impressed me most, perhaps because i like gazing stars at night and counting them. LOL.

Anyways, when I watched this movie, there was no hue and cry for its global award nominations. I was not impressed much by the movie as I was impressed by Lagaan, Tare Zammen Par, Rang de Basanti, Dor like movies. It has all the contents we have been watching since our child hood and we have seen millions of times.

But winning so many global awards like BAFTA, Golden Globe and now EIGHT OSCARS make me think either i was not able to judge the movie properly or they discriminate us (so called third world countries)from their own movies.

No doubt, along with Gulzar saab, Rehman deserved Oscar, not because his song "Jai ho" but for all his innovations and contributions to the music and movie world but I have a very simple question,

If Slumdog Millionaire" can win best motion picture Oscar then why cant other Indian movies like Lagaan, Tare Zameen par win ? Just because they are made by Indians and SM is made by an English Man ?

At last I would like to congratulate Rehman and Gulzar Ji for their achievements and recognitions. But i believe for us they are more important than any Oscar award.

supriya said...

thank you for the lyrics and transaltion of jai ho..... love!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the translation
It's an awesome song

currently bored said...

ty bro..
nice work..
jai ho!

currently bored said...

hey i'm so sry...

for the 1st time i think i really understand the meaning of "faux pas"...

i was so excited by
1) availability of lyrics
2) translation
that i went straight into thanking you ...

having spent some 10-15 mins on this page now i appriciate it even more...
also comments like why "aaja aaja" - such obs bring about the sublte differences in the meaning of term...

and hope u don't mind that "bro" thingy...lol..

Gracias amiga!

currently bored said...

well i gt 1 more request...
there's this song "kaise muzhe tum milgaye...", from the movie ghajini.

i like the song alot, but don't understantd it...
could you plz translate/forward any link having proper translation of that song?... plz

A Million Thanks in advance..

Ink Spill said...

Hi Currently bored!

Not offended by being called bro at all! :)

I did the full transcription and translation of the ghajini song, and then was looking for one tricky phrase when I came across this: http://thebollywoodfan.blogspot.com/2008/11/ghajini-2008-lyrics-and-translation_26.html a beautiful translation! Go check it out NOW!

Neerja said...

Thanks for the lyrics. I was looking for it.

A small correction - aja jinde shamiyane ke tale - meaning come under the live tent (namely the sky itself...)

Evelim said...

Hi,did u have a hindu version? have a nice day!!


Anonymous said...

yes,yes...i got to this blog through Google.. =)
I FINALLY FOUND THE "JAI HO" lyrics "with" the spanish part...*Yay* =D
and ya THANKS ALOT....to all those people who've contributed in gettin the lyrics of this song...
Im jus so madly in love with this song...that i jus cant stop singin it..i din care even if i did screw up with the lyrics..
Anyway now that ive got the lyrics ....ill try to do much better! =)
Jus one more thin...
If any of you can find out what are the exact lyrics of the spanish part which is sung alternately with "Jai Ho"...its roughly around 1 min 35 sec to 1 min 43 sec....
Thank you

neha said...

i m very greatful of ur JAI HO lyrics wid spanish part

Anonymous said...

OMG!even i thought it sounded like baazi lagaa from guru..but this is better for sure...anyway thanx for the lyrics... :)

currently bored said...

well i guess inkspell's quite close...

the lyrics probably are

having heard d song a zillion times(o.k. only a fig of speech, lol..!)
i think 1st 3 of them(shab-e-nam,gham-e-dil,haal-e-dil) are correct...

but the last one (mehboobi...), i doubt if it is mehboobi...

currently bored said...


well this has got nothing to do with jai ho, a slight drift from main topic...plz excuse..

are you also a fan of cornelia funke?
well i am looking for e-book of ink-death... wanna complete it before the movie (inkheart) is released...

have u gt a copy?if so can u plz mail it to me??
and in any case, affirmative/negative plz just let me know ok...

Sneha Thakur said...

Its an amazing song.Indians are proud of A.R.Rehman.He's proved that he's the best of all.

Subhajit said...

Thanks for the lyrics.. I was looking for the Jai ho..when some ppl were saying it was similar to our national song. Anyway, but it is not, I think it was a joke. I myself has some opinion on Slumdog Controversy...check out if you can in my blog (My Verete) ... http://livemyday.blogspot.com ...

Rinkie Rozanski said...

Your english translation of the lyrics is very cute... "You dark black kohl" here "you" is typed in error instead of "your". I keep reading the english translated song again and again... i dont think its a murder of the beautiful hindi lyrics. the english translation sounds really good to me. frankly speaking lyricist gulzar has written the lyrics so well.. the combination of urdu and hindi in his lyrics makes it adorable to listen to his songs again and again... for example, the lyrics of the song "saathiya" from the movie "saathiya" are like arrangement of words in the form of a masterpiece, and like a true poet, he always proves that when it comes to songs/ lyrics he is surely number 1!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog, if I'm talking to India (from California), can I say Jai Ho as well as Shukria (Sp). Also what does Jai hind mean? Thanks for your response, Hu

Tazeen said...

hey thanks for posting the lyrics, i am completely hooked to this song and wanted the lyrics so much.. on a sidenote, I'm from Islamabad, simply love A R Rehman's compositions. this song is making me wanna dance but as i'm at work right now that is sure gonna put me in trouble :)

Gayu said...

thanks a ton for this lyrics..... a special thanks for the spanish part and its meaning....

Anonymous said...

Hey "Currently Bored" :P(Well...im forever bored!! lol)

thanks alot for the lyrics.. =D

Lol...its hindi only??! i thought it was spanish coz i din understand that part one bit...hehe

Anyway lemme know if you find out what the fourth word is..."mehbooba" or anything else..

Jai Ho!!=)

AllThatWeLetIn said...

Thanks much for the lyrics! I live in Chicago, IL, USA and was born here. I visited Bangalore for a few months about 5 years back and it was a wonderful trip. Since then, I have been telling everyone I know what wonderful people are in India, but how sad it was to see children on the streets, begging. Thank you to the creators of this film for bringing this story to America and the rest of the world. It is an incredibly powerful movie. Thank you for your translation! Jai ho!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog. Thanks for the lyrics

Kevin Lindstrom said...


Thanks so much - you helped open a window that I knew was there, but didn't know how to access. The lyrics are exactly what I thought they would be - not the specifics, but the spirit - and to know the specifics gives it a whole new level of understanding.

Mohit said...

Hi buddy u missed some urdu words.they come before the spanish part and after the jai-ho. they are---
shabeho (i dont what it is...sounds like this)
gam-e-dil (Pain of heart)
hal-e-dil (State of heart)
bekhudi (dunno...)

Gracehoper said...

In response to the comments regarding discrimination against movies made by Indian directors, e.g. "why can't movies like Lagaan win" the answer is because the Academy Awards are aimed at English speaking movies. Foreign films have their own category.

So if one believes the awards are biased, it would have to be against all non-english speaking countries, not against India.

In reality, the Academy Awards began in 1928 at a time when no one realized the global potential of movie-making. No discrimination intended.

I loved the movie and now want to see many of the movies listed in various comments here. I would imagine that many people will want more of Indian Music and cinema due to Slumdog Millionaire and though recognition of India's great culture may be overdue, it seems to have come at last.

Celina B said...

I love this song.
Thanks for the translation.


Bharathraj G. N. said...

nice post :-)

Helena said...

People are gathering around these lyrics, so you see the importance of you posting this and sharing it too the whole world. Thank you for that, regards from south Brasil.

Grace said...

I think it's "dia de olvidas."

I could be wrong, but in my experience with Spanish, it makes more sense and it sounds more like olvidas in the song.

It would mean closer to, "Our day of forgetting, whatever problems may be."

Thanks for your work!

Anonymous said...

Excelent work... just a little comment, in the spanish part where it says " Por nuestro dia de movidas" it should say "Por nuestro dia TE OLVIDAS"...

Chaitree said...

GRACEHOPER -- I agree with u ... Inkspill ...thanks for the lyrics and the meaning also ....

Anonymous said...

hey! google led me to ur blog! thx alot for posting the translation as well! LOVE the song!

Anonymous said...

but jai ho mean 'be victorious?'or victory is ours'?

Anonymous said...

Found your blog using Google as well! I just saw Slumdog Millionaire yesterday and this was my favorite song in the entire movie/soundtrack! Glad it's gotten such praise. Thanks so much for the translation I was looking for it everywhere!

Surya said...

Karaoki version of Jai Ho MP3 song.

It does not have key singers voice (or sublimed to a minimum possible). BUT Chorus portions and insutruments are playing intact.

Hurry, download, wake up your singing talent.


direct download

Kamlesh Sharma said...

nice ... great work, keep it up

Anonymous said...

i just discovered this blog and i have to tell you it is fantastic!!

ASHOK said...

thanx. good job.

Anonymous said...

Bless you ! This music is some of the most moving music I think I've ever heard. It makes my heart bleed and rejoice at the same time. Incredible work and It is greatlly appreciated. May you live a long and propersous life and I thank you very much for your hard work and dillegence. In some way I can't help but feel that music like this will someday break down the barriers in this world for all Races, Religions and creeds..
Michael, Boston, MA

Austen said...

ok, so, this is gonna sound weird but apart from you publishing the lyrics,you have done another good deed by repairing my faith in smart people actually existing. And after today I thought this would never happen.
thank you soooo much!
I mean its just the little things in your entry like jai ho ^n and "a mr. Godot" etc.
I'm definately following your blog from now on!

Anonymous said...

Awesome efforts... specially the version in English helps all those non Hindi speaking fans of "JAI HO" to understand the song much better and helps them to savor the true essence and mood of the song
Thank you!!!!

Watch Pakistani & Indian TV Channels Online said...

Awesome work.I didn't knew the word

"Zari wale neele aasman ke taley"

Now i know it.Thanx

GB said...

Hey Ink Spill, many thanks for the lyrics!

Could I indulge in a minor quibble over the translation ? You translate Ratti ratti sachchi maine jaan gawayi hai as "Iota by iota, I have lost my life, in faith". While this is reasonably accurate, don't you find it a bit stilted, especially the "in faith" bit? More so when, these days, "faith" may be read off as some pronouncement about religion/belief.

A suggested alternative to your translation (which is a little more colloquial than yours):

"Drop by drop, truly, I have exhausted my life"

(The Hindi Sachchi translates to "truthfully".)

Cheers :-), and thanks again for the lyrics.

Anonymous said...

Hey! You guys did a great job on slumdog millionaire. Everybody loved your song. Also i hope you had fun at the oscars because well because some of the actors did not have a opportunity to do this and be a slum kid. I hope all the kids are doing great in life know and forever. I also thing i can't remember the person who wrote Jai Ho but, it was amazing. I think he should keep on writing amazing songs for the rest of his life. I LOVE YOU DEV PATEL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome efforts... specially the version which helps all those people who don't know how to speak hindi of "JAI HO!" Thanx

Anonymous said...

thank you for the hole lyrics

i was rearchng for it for a long time

thank you very very much

adilmalik said...

download slum Slumdog Millionaire

Ankur Jain said...

Thanks InkSpill,
I was looking for the spanish part of the lyrics and my search ends here. I was even not aware that it was in spanish.
the lyrics for female voice looks more like:
shab-e-nam, gham-e-dil, haal-e-dil, bekhudi...

afraprincezna said...

this song is very beautiful...i love it ......

Renzen said...

Salute to Gulzar Sahab for the amazing lyrics , rarely we do find words woven to tell such a story . The first paragraph touches my heart , it tell the dreams , the hardwork , the sacrifices made by many men to make their loved ones stay happy .

Anonymous said...

i like u rahman

lissaaylene said...

Hi! I think you've done a great job on the translation. I don't speak Hindi but the word you chose in English are very beautiful and poetic and much more meaningful than other translations I have seen.

I think that there is one error in the Spanish section of the song; rather than "de movidas", I'm pretty sure it says "te olvidas", which means you forget.

So the line means "On our day, you will forget your problems, whatever they may be"

Hot Fuzz said...

thanks for the translation

desibabe said...

thanks so much for this.

Anonymous said...

It was Holi yesterday, and the Indian Student Association at Virginia Tech welcomed me into their dancing.

Of course, Jai Ho was one of the songs. And since
I don't understand Hindi yet, I came here seeking a translation - thank you so much! I am now learning the lyrics in Hindi also, and it's easier for me to remember them now that I know what they mean.

And it was cool when they got to the Spanish part, because I took Spanish in school, so suddenly, there was a bit I understood. :) Now, thanks to you
all here, and especially you, Ink Spill, I understand what all of it means, and it's quite beautiful. *beaming smile*

Also thanks for helping me understand more about
my new friends' heritage.

I love my multicultural town of Blacksburg VA, Murrday

Anonymous said...

hi there,
are you sure the meaning of jai ho is hail ~ hallelujah?
i read somewhere the meaning is victory should happen.

Surajit Dasgupta said...

AjA zarI wAlE nIlE AsmAn kE talE

The sky looks more embroidered -- or embedded with crystals -- when it's star-spangled. And it's noticeably star-spangled only in the night. Now, if it's night time, how's it blue?

Anonymous said...

I drove from Salt Lake City Utah to Las Vegas Nevada on Thursday and listened to Jai Ho over and over again. It lifted my heart and brought back the wonderful movie I had seen the week before. Thank you for the lyrics, I will now be able to sing along learning the lyrics on the trip back to Salt Lake tomorrow and will know what they really mean. Truly the best movie I have seen for a long time. Thank you for giving our hearts such a gift. Blessed Be!

Chandan said...

nice work ! theres also a part just after the female version of "aaja aaja... " which goes something like"jai ho! domaydi jai ho ! khaledi ..."etc .. :D

baby boo93 said...

My boyfriend and me LOVE listening to this song,it gives us a soaring feeling,like we could be anything we wanted to be..... plus momiji got all mushy when there was a really special scene being played. >+<

kwanthida said...

Thank you very much for the lyrics !!

What singers do and the lyrics don't seems to be the same :-( It's very difficult to pronounce them .)

Though i can sing it with difficulty =.=

Thank you again

a Jai ho's lover from Thailand.

Anonymous said...

bhai gulzar sahab main aapka dhanyawad deta hoon ki aapne koyla word ka use kar ke mujhe mere ati priye dost SACHIN ki yaad dila di


baila baila

Herit said...

Thank You so much for the lyrics. its Perfectly matching to the Sound Track. I love you so much. (not in that way*) but i love you for your dedication.

*tamanna used this dialog in MTV Roadies 6.o

Anonymous said...

I am a Chinese from HK. I am fascinated by the movie and the ending song. Thanks a lot for the translation.


Srinivasan said...

hey! gr8 lyrics and translation!!! can't find a better precise lyrics and translation anywhere else over the net!!! JAI HO!!! LONG LIVE A.R.RAHMAN!!!! do visit the site... www.arrupdates.info ... to get all latest updates about his music!!!

Amit Mittal said...

I like A R Rahman(or do I worship him? what ever I really respect him for his competency in his work). Let me assure all the readers here who have not followed Rahman, that this song is certainly not his best (not anywhere near his best). If this (good but not his best) song has got such a response (thanks to a film made by a truly global director whom the world recognizes against the earlier movies of Rahman made by Indians) I just wonder what his best will do to the world (that is if somebody tries to find out, of course that means searching for not so popular, at least internationally, Indian movies). Check out the songs of movies Roja, Bombay and Dil se (the list is too long to post here) I am sure they(the songs not sure about the movies) will stump you.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



charlene said...

Hello people at inkspill :) I am very happy you have the lyrics to Jai Ho in the original language! It took me forever to find them and I am very glad I checked this site!!! Thanks for the hard work and I look forward to the next time I come on your site! :)


Anonymous said...

"dia de olvidas" for the spanish is what I hear to.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this helps too.

baila! baila!
ahora conmigo
tu baila para hoy
por nuestra dia de olvidas
Las problemas lo que sea

Salud! Baila! Baila!

Dance! Dance!
Now with me.
You dance for today
through our day of forgetting; what every problems may be.

Cheers! Dance! Dance!

Anonymous said...

yay i love this song so much :) thanks for the english translation!

Anonymous said...

what a good deed, good deed of the decade I must say.Thanks a lot!Long live Indian music, JAI HO!!!

Anonymous said...

Great translation, thanks.

For the most part I agree with it, except for a couple minor quibbles. The lack of definite articles such as "a" "the" etc makes literal translation a bit chancy. It's sort of understood that it's there, for a Hindi speaker, but non-Hindi speakers might find that awkward.

I've switched words around a bit to convey the sense better (in my opinion!):

Aaja aaja jind shamiyaane ke taley
Come my love, beneath this canopy

Aaja zari waale neele aasmaane ke taley
Come beneath the silver threaded blue sky

Ratti ratti sachchi maine jaan gawayi hai
Truly, I have lost my life bit by bit

Nach Nach koylon pe raat bitaayi hai
Spent the night dancing on cinders

Ankhiyon ki neend maine phoonkon se udaa di
Driven the sleep from my eyes

Gin gin taarey maine ungli jalayi hai
Burned my finger counting the stars

Jai Ho, etc.

Chakh le, haan chakh le, yeh raat shehed hai
Taste it, yes taste it, this night is like honey

Chakh le, haan rakh le
Taste it, yes, save it

Dil hai, dil aakhri hadd hai
It's the heart, the heart is the final limit

Kaala kaala kaajal tera
The black kohl in your eyes ...

Koi kaala jaadu hai na?
It's some black magic, isn't it?

Jai Ho, etc.

Kab se haan kab se jo lab pe ruki hai
You've been holding it back from your lips for so long

Keh de, keh de, haan keh de
Say it, yes say it

Ab aankh jhuki hai
Now that your eyes are downcast

Aisi aisi roshan aankhein
How your eyes glow

Roshan dono heerey hain kya?
Like lit up diamonds, is that what they are?

Jai Ho, etc.

Anonymous said...

Good translation overall, but I agree with the other guy who posted earlier. You've slightly mistranslated the first line:

Aaja aaja jind shamiyaane ke taley

Various people here have translated "jind" or "zind" as "life", as in an endearment: "my life" or "my love".

But that's not what "zind" means. It doesn't mean "life", it means "living". It's short for "zinda", not "zindagi".

So "zind shamiyaane ke taley" would mean "under this living canopy", which is a poetic way of saying outdoors. The living canopy being either the sky, or perhaps the leaves of a tree if you want to be correct rather than poetic.

In the next line, "zari" actually refers to the silver/gold thread, not the brocade woven out of it. So a more accurate translation would be "silver-threaded blue sky", not "blue brocade sky".

Minor stuff, I know.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, "zind shamiyaane ke taley" means "under the living canopy".

This song refers back to the scene when Javed first meets Latika. Heavy rain, Javed and Salim are sheltering beneath a tin shade, Latika is outside getting drenched until Javed asks her in.

This is the counterpoint. The sky has cleared (silver threaded with stars), alive and welcoming.

Cyn_David said...

"Jai Ho" doesn't mean "Hail" or "Hallelujah" or anything like that.

Literally, it means "Victory to you" or "may you win" or, if you want to be painstakingly accurate, it means "let there be victory", since the pronoun is implied. "May you win" is, however, closer to the meaning in this song.

The reason why people seem to be confused is that "Jai Ho" is also used as a greeting in some parts of the country. In this context, however, it's an abbreviation for something like "Ram ji ki jai ho", which would mean "Victory to Ram". This is probably what people are thinking of, when they translate it as "hallelujah", or even "hail" which is more clearly a greeting, though far divorced from the meaning of "Jai ho".

But that is not the meaning of "Jai ho", that is simply one example of usage in a very specific context.

Without that context, as in this song, it simply means "may you win".

Nazifa said...

i know its superfluous to add this, but thanks! lol. im not hindi, im bengali, so i didn't know the meanings. they should make a movie about BD (Bangladesh) too, it never gets any recognition. Happy bengali new year people. shubo nobobosho!


shane mark said...

thanks for sending this lyrics..i got to see when im searching 4 jaya ho lyrics.. thanks cause of ur blog i won 1st prize in my office by singing my all time favourite this song.. jayaho..a.r rehman is god's gift for india.. i wish him for his sucess.. jaya ya hoo india..

Anonymous said...

Thanks from a reader in New Zealand for the song translation! The Hindi version's meaning is so much richer than the watered-down Pussycat Dolls English version.

Anonymous said...

There is a deeper meaning to this song, which many of us have missed, despite it doing all what it can..... More so many looking for its English translation of net are not getting what they really want, as the available english translations are way below the requisite mark and just kill the song. For all smitten by this song, I've published the song's lyrics with its real and deeper meaning on my blog, which also certainly mean the translation in English.

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web design India said...

Nice post

Prof. Bo said...

Stumbled upon your blo while googling for the lyrics. Thanks for the english translation as well.

Good job.

sayo said...

thanks 4 d g8 song;s lyrics i was looking 4 d spanish part.........n thanks 4 d translation too

Anonymous said...

I love this song!!! I glad that now I know what they are singing in English. This song is awesome!!! :)

Anonymous said...

film was great,
make me wanna cry... ;)

the music is like a honey;)


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the word "movidas," in the line "Por nuestro dia de movidas" should be replaced with "olvidas" - which would make sense for "forgetting whatever problems may be."

WTC67 said...

I do love this song and the ending chords with the strings/horns is just beautiful.

Thanks for giving me a glimpse of what it means to be a TRUE Indian.

By the way, what do the people of india call themselves?

I ask because I know that anglicanization of the world creates falses images and names of the actual peoples.

Mesa Directiva said...

i'm a spanish native speaker and I assure that the spanish part is:

¡Baila, baila!
Ahora conmigo, tu baila para hoy
por nuestro día de movidas, los problemas los que sean.


I know that this don't make any sense, but is natural if you consider that the author don't speak spanish and only put a feww words that he heard somewhere.

Anonymous said...

i love this song very much i hope many Indian songs will be translate...

more power to all of u,,,i really love Indian songs....its lovely,lively....

although i came from Philippines
i still love Indian songs....
its different...

Anonymous said...

this song is hektic ;D

Kotorigaro said...

Heya! I'm another Kiwi (New Zealander) who enjoys experiencing different cultures, and I fell head over heels in love with this song! Thanks so much for these lyrics, and for the translations!

venu said...

this Is The Song Of The Millinium

Anonymous said...

gr8 achievement. but don't be so happy rehman bcz only for this song u got oscars and not for other hit songs like maa tujhe salaam which makes all fell emotional towards their motherland. only this film of yours got this award not not others like TZP which conveyed the behaviour of parents towards children. dont be so happy rehman as this movie only conveyed bad picture[slums of india] to whole world by an eng. director....

Regina said...

Dear 4thejobless pvt ltd-
I am from the USA and I love films from India. Slumdog gives an international audience a small taste of Indian Film Cuisine- an appetizer. In this way they will investigate the menu further and see Lagaan, Earth, Dil Se, Bombay, Asoka and many other wonderful films. The cinematography in some Hindi films is unmatched, the stories are thought provoking and emotionally dense. Without the honors Slumdog received most of the world would never see them-now they will.

Pox said...

Ah-ha! So I wasn't imagining that Spanish section when I heard the song!

Kobus said...

Im from South Africa, all i knew about India was SACHIN TENDULKAR
But fell in love with this movie,
I needed to understand the words:
Jai Ho

And hallelujah indeed, i like it even more..

"God is great", seems to be my "final answer" ,
our "destiny",
Jai Ho,

Anonymous said...

I'm a native New Yorker, not of Indian descent, and have been a HUGE fan of A.R. Rahman for years now. I was delighted to finally see him get the kind of recognition he deserves in the U.S. by winning an Oscar. I saw his Broadway show, "Bombay Dreams" a number of years ago, which was fantastic, and was so disappointed it didn't do better at the box office. Yay for A.R. Rahman now!

Sultan (San Francisco) said...

WOW -- you made my day!

Atomicgal said...

Love your blog & your poetry as well. Just happened to encounter your writing while looking for Jai Ho lyrics as I listened to the song on my mp3.....

Anonymous said...

It isn't really "Por este día de movidas (for our day of moves)", but "Porque este día te olvidas (because today you forget)". And, apart from my hearing it like that, it would make sense to say after that "Whatever problems may be". They want you to forget those problems.

Harini said...

its gr8!
thnk u fr those spanish lines!i was dying to get it!

cisco said...

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anagha said...

thanks for this song it's really very passionate song. keep it up!

anagha said...

thanks for the lyrics it's really very passionate song.

Anonymous said...

i was so intrested for this song so i tried to play this song in a different way.the girl is so cute.but she acting like hindu did not match with her additute.i still love that song more than other songs.i mean like other ugly songs.i hate songs that starts from s so i hate that song pretty much.............................................see u

Shashikant said...

greeting from Bangalore, India.
I thinnk "Jai ho" in the context of the song means "let there be victory".

Anonymous said...

People liked this ,but this was worst i din't like it at all . this is the worst website ever.......

Anonymous said...

This perfectly perfect page I liked it thanx& thanx for this cool website

Yuva said...

This s great many websites translated only the hindi lyrics of the song but here you translated the spanish lyrics of the song too. Thanks to u. Simply Great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for translating the lyrics... I was afraid that the song was like dirty, but in another language, so I was very relieved to discover that the song is actually really poetic and clean

Anonymous said...

In my dance class, we are doing this song. I said to my teacher, "I wonder why they're speaking Spanish in this song!" She said, "They aren't speaking Spanish, they're speaking Indian!" Ok, first of all, Indian isn't a language. It's called Hindu. Secondly, I was right. They DO speak Spanish and I can prove that to my dance teacher.

Anonymous said...

good spanish lyrics ,however why don't you post the spanish version vedio download to make this site excellent .i haven't got the spanish version download as yet.Thanks

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Anonymous said...

hey...i think someone on youtube stole your lyrics/translation and put them on a vid, though they're incredibly stupid for not reading what they were putting in. they have "something between" for the meaning of "jai ho"...


Anonymous said...

This is AMAZING !!! Did you see the video that some people did in Chicago! you have got to put !!

Anonymous said...

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rafaelah said...

Hey, thanks for sharing this lyric.
I have some Indians friend and learned to listen to your song.

DeeDee said...

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for inkspills for posting it.It was so AMAGING and it was so nice if once we listen the song we will be fainted.Really Hands off to AR.RAHAMAN.

Anonymous said...

Hi,My name is Sandhya.This song was so nice.it was nice music.thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for writing the lyrics! i wanted to ask you if the part in Hindi that says "roshan" means light or something related to that :)

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Great. I am sure, I will tweet this to my twitter account. This will help a lot of users.

smplcv said...
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Taare Zameen Par said...

Very nice songs and movie ...this is one of the favorite best movies... i like it...
Taare Zameen Par

Tushi said...

This is one of the best translation I came across, I must have gone over it several times, can't get over such exquisite lyrics by gulzar and excellent translation done by you...

Hotel in Ranchi said...

This is awesome – thank you for all this valuable information.

Unknown said...

awesome as like a diamond

Esther Cotton said...

Thank you very much for these lyrics. :)

The Flicks said...

I still dig this song thanks for all you hard work