November 30, 2007

बताओ तो!

क्या रोशनी सफ़ेद है और इन्द्रधनुष एक धोका?
या कमज़ोर आंखों ने सब रंगों को घोल दिया है?
किस लोहे से ढला है वो इन्साफ़ वाला तराज़ू
हमने जिसमें अपना सब कुछ तोल दिया है?

November 28, 2007


Ok, I'm probably overdoing this now, but this song is giving me serious punarjanam vibes. It's "O re paakhi" from Khoya Khoya Chaand... just the first few words....they evoke a Mohammad Rafi ke gaane ki aatma and I am completely unable to figure out which!

UPDATE: Kya mausam hai! Ae Deewane dil! Chal kahin door, nikal jaayein! From Doosra Aadmi... Imagine stealing from Rajesh Roshan!

November 24, 2007

cheater cheater!

ok...this is too trivial for a tang-ta-dang comeback post, but if someone out there has the DVDs for Chak De India and Life in a Metro, can you please confirm my suspicion?

In Chak De, go to the scene where Shahrukh is locking his house and leaving. Check out the background music...very haunting sound. Now in Life in a Metro, go to the scene where a defeated Kay Kay comes home and the kid runs up to him saying "daddy!"... same music???? I don't have access to Chak De to Check de! :(

In other news, my husband and I bacame proud parents during the blogging break. It's a boy. No, it's an "Oh Boy!": the 24" iMac, lovingly called Apple Gulati and we're fussing over it like a baby. It does not poo and pee, and is cute and smart. Nazar na lagey!

And I am going bald, but that is another story. I suspect it's the job.

And oh! I finished LOTR! So I almost named the Mac "Precioussssssss"