December 26, 2007

To Whomever It May Concern

Every man’s wildest fantasy has come true for my husband: his wife has a throat infection and has completely lost her voice. But hey, I can crib online, can’t I?

Ok. WHAT will make these Times of India people acknowledge that I do not want to look at matrimony ads….does everyone get ONLY matrimony ads or is it only me????

If you’re near Cunningham Road in Bangalore, check out Reliance Timeout….it’s a beautiful store and in the art supplies section, one of the many people who have fainted with joy and are still lying there is me. Am sure there are more branches out there.

And finally, if you have a leaky nose and a tingly throat, stay away from Gongura pickle, Gajar-Gobhi-Shalgam pickle, cold apple juice, cold dahi, sambhar, rasam, mirchi, and Nandhinis Andhra Style Restaurant!!!!! The pain is driving me mad!


Anonymous said...

Ciplox 500mg. 1 in morning, 1 at night. Throw in a Combiflam if you have trouble swallowing.

orangecloud said...

have half a cup of green tea four times a day. for best results - prepare with crushed ginger, honey and cloves. bring to a boil, cover and let it simmer for 5 mins.

get well.

Anonymous said...

Men without wives also can have wild fantasies, you know. (To be clear, mine involves a Leica M8 and a noctilux lens.)

wendigo said...

switty, you get matri ads because, in the proccess of writing an msc dissertation, you once harassed matri ad companies all over the place, and left your email address.
and switty, what say i come check out cunningham road in march? i'll even try to fall sick and be paranoid, so we'll be even, and can start over...
mwah! yappy noo ears!

Anonymous said...

oye, all the while I worked with the big monstah co on Cunningham rd, you never did say nothing. Ab chala gaya toh aise tevar? Sirji ko mera salaam dena.