December 23, 2007

Thaarey-Mhaarey Sabke Zameen Par

Am alive. Just been vacationing in Delhi and being fed and pampered by two sets of parents. Came back and darling Sis had, under emotional blackmail et al, arranged for TZP tickets! As I huffed and puffed up to the theatre this morning, I realized I was ageing much faster than Aamir Khan...I am gonna catch up with him! Anyway, now it no longer matters, me being married and all....

So I alternately gaped and sobbed in the theatre, and now I am alternately gushing and sniffling. Go see Aamir ki fillum. Don't have a pee situation and miss some scenes like I did! Now I have to see it again! Hopefully it'll be tax free and I won't have to pay 250 bucks for a ticket! Atleast nobody stole my wallet this time!

All inspired, I came home itching to draw something and voila! I found a box of crayons in my old office backpack (no, I DO NOT use them at work!!!) So I sketched the first thing that came before me, and this thing person and I are gonna celebrate our first wedding anniversary tomorrow! Unbelievable!


Ok, I forgot to draw the legs of the table, but please note that the Mac has Leopard!!!! And the Bata Chappals are in the authentic colour! and the Earth has a sad face! Bah! Nobody appreciates art anymore!


orangecloud said...

keep the titles simple?

wendigo said...

aiieeeeeeeee! belated happy anni, children! was on an epic intercontinental (crap) jouney since 5 AM on 24th, or would have certainly called shalled. lauuuuuu (from gabs)

Ink Spill said...

koi gal nahin mummyji, tussi pahunch te gaye! hun wish kar leyo! :) enjoy your vacation!

Anonymous said...

Cute thing. :)

Belated happy.