March 05, 2006

Banta Singh Takes Nike's Advice

Did It


amma said...

congrats banta!
njoy the reward,ur merc!

Anonymous said...

samjha nahin!! :(

Please explain


Ink Spill said...

Ooooooh! This physically hurts. I was hoping to be a humorist. Apparently I'm no good.
A Snickers bar to the first person who leaves an explanation of this post here. I'm too overcome with emotion to do it myself.

Anonymous said...

extremely funny!

I would pass the snickers though. you either understand or you dont- this one cant be explained. dunno how many punju understanding ppl you have in ur readers.

But I have a hint- think punjabi guys!

Stone said...

"Done" :-)

Jalena said...

this is a good one..:-)

Anonymous said...

Just do it - Nike

Did It /Done - Banta Singh

amma said...

jo easily samajh mein aa jaye woh baat aam hoti hai,
inky ki baat samajhne mein umra tamaam hoti hai!
(wah! wah! karo bhai)