February 13, 2006

Valentine's Day

Dear Heart,

The roads of London are lined
with Roses of the deepest red
In honour of a cherub blind
and general giddiness of head

In vain today I set out to seek
the flowers you want me to buy
But dearest, this is not the week
for yellow-hearted Narcissi

So let’s buy some roses after all
to deck up the dusty bookshelves
And this year, let us feign to fall
for someone other than ourselves

Happy Valentine’s Day to those who’re celebrating. Isn’t all the pinkness lovely?
Happy Tuesday to those who aren’t. I can’t understand what the fuss is about either.


sudha said...

surrender! this is when i wish i were a guy so i can get u those damn flowers :P

Ink Spill said...

naa re!

If you were a guy you would say V-Day is no big deal and it's just another day and secretly thank your stars you could save face among your gang by having a superstar girlfriend like me. :p

sudha said...

ya true :)