February 04, 2006

Dyed Saffron

Finally managed to see Rang De Basanti. Too many conflicting reviews made sure I went with an open mind.

Ok. Have typed and deleted what I should say in this next sentence three times. And that represents what the movie has done to me. You think you can say something about it, but then you realize you cannot. Because the movie is full of things it says, but there is little that it does not undercut and problematize immediately after. Without melodrama and caricature, it shows you the mammoth problem India is faced with. And how it can hit us personally even though we think it cannot. It shows you one problem and one solution. The solution itself realizes how precarious and unworkable it is.

In the end, they youth is making inspired speeches into media microphones across the country. You are free to choose whether a revolution is beginning, or a flash in the pan is happening. It’s nice when nobody takes up more space than they absolutely need to. And it’s nice when everyone does his or her bit well. I can’t remember one character or one performance in particular, because the ensemble cast works so well.

To conclude, remember it is not a documentary, it is a film. Don’t ask for rational solutions. The question is not whether it gives Bollywood anything to be proud of, the question is whether it takes away some of the things that Bollywood is proud of (Karan Joharesque easy solutions, for instance). It does, and I’m glad about that.

And Aamir, if you decide to marry again (third time lucky et al), my email address is on my profile. No, forget it. You’re a jerk. Just keep acting.


shub said...

'I can’t remember one character or one performance in particular, because the ensemble cast works so well.'
precisely what I felt too.

wendigo said...

but i do remember aslam...sigghhh.

no seriously, the RSS dude was amazing.

Heretic said...

Haven't managed to see either this one or Bluff Master yet. Perhaps soon.

On another note, perhaps I should've never cut my hair short--would've been pretty cool to look like a cheaper version of Kunal Kapoor, no?

*ALL feedback on movie-sense and hair unwelcome. :-P